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Focus on what's important.
Taper makes inbox zero an immediate reality and summarizes everything else.

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How works with taper

Safe & Secure

Taper never stores or reads your email, it simply moves them back and forth between folders in your account. And since we never store anything, if we go down your email will still be delivered without problem.

To do list nothing

Learn Nothing. Feel Better.

To use Taper, do nothing different. Want to use Gmail? Fine. iPhone? Ok doke. Apple Mail or Outlook - yippee! Taper don't care since it runs in the background keeping your inbox nice and neat in whatever you use.

Fun buddha

Achieve Email Zen

Picture a huge pile of laundry. Socks, shirts, pants, everywhere - waiting to be folded. Stressful right? Now picture just five shirts. Not a hamper full, just five. Feels better right? That's Taper.

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